Old Skool Cool: Ode to My Dad

Cars are a particularly great way for dads to bond and develop a relationship with their kids. Ivan Chetty, who hails from Durban, fondly recalls boyhood memories of his father. “I learnt to drive in a Ford Cortina,” he says. “I was 13 years old when my dad gave me my first driving lessons!”

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Two years after losing his father, Chetty bought himself a vintage Ford Capri. “When I was growing up, my dad actually had a whole range of Fords. And the Capri was one of his favourites. He always said that Ford is one of the few cars that you can really rough handle and enjoy, and I tend to agree.”

Dallas Dahms Photography

It took Chetty six years to restore his Capri to her former glory, and he did such a good job that, in 2015, she landed the cover of Speed and Sound, one of Africa’s biggest performance car magazines.

“I built this Capri GT because I wanted an old skool car, something that would bring me the same sense of excitement my dad must’ve felt when he was driving his Capri,” says Chetty. “Parts were not easy to come by, but I had good support from family and friends, who helped me locate pretty much everything I needed. I bought a V8 engine and gearbox from Pietermaritzburg, and my cousin’s mechanic fitted it. We did a few modifications to the motor, like putting in an electronic distributor. I ordered the rims, which they built to spec. I had the car painted, and the interior done in Phoenix.”

Dallas Dahms Photography

Of his enduring passion for all things Ford, Chetty says: “Ford has proved itself in so many ways, from classics like this to the current cars. The brand is sure to go a lot further.”

Check out Ivan Chetty and his Ford Capri

Story courtesy of Ford South Africa

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